Common Name Azaleas
Scientific Name Rhododendron sp.
Plant Characteristics

A beautiful perenial that offers much versatility. It is available in a wide array of colors - various shades of red, pinks, whites, and bicolors. Similarly it has a wide array of uses as both a house plant and an outside plant(temperatures above 28oF). It looks beautiful alone or mixed with other plants. It is great for window decor, room accents, outdoor planters, gardens or just a pick me up gift.

Growing Tips Light - Varies upon the season. Shade - Part Shade during the summer to avoid burn, and it can tolerate direct sun during the fall, winter, and spring.
Water - Do not let the plant wilt or the soil get dry. Depending on the environment, the plant may need water every 2-7 days.
Flowering - Normal flowering will occur about 5-8 weeks after it has been exposed to a cooling period. Planted permanently in the garden, the plant will flower in the spring after a cooling period. When using the Azalea as both a garden plant for the summer and a house plant for the winter, it should be transplanted to the indoors after it has been exposed to cool fall temperatures to allow flowering to occur.
Temperature - Prefers about room temp and can stand temps as low as 28oF.
Availability Normal shipping season is Valentine's Day through Mother's Day. Other ship dates may be negotiable upon inquiry.

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