Common Name Bacopa
Scientific Name Sutera Corda
Plant Characteristics

A must have flowering annual for all home and landscaping decor. This flower offers both contrast and texture to combos and also performs extremely well alone as a hanging basket or a potted plant. These plants are exceptional in a variety of settings limited only by the imagination. They are available in various habits (trailing/mounding), varieties (full/compact), colors (vibrant/soothing), and foliage shades (dark/light).

Growing Tips Light - Performs well in both shade and sun.
Water - Do not let the plant wilt or the soil get dry.
Flowering - Normal flowering will begin during the spring months.
Temperature - Although it is heat tolerant, it also performs well in cool climates. Optimal temps...Day--65-75oF, Night--55-60oF.
Availability Normal shipping season is during Spring/Mother's Day to early Summer.

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