Fibrous Begonia
Common Name Begonia Fibrous
Scientific Name Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum
Plant Characteristics

An extremely versatile and durable flower. This annual flower requires minimal care and can be used in numerous planting settings. A must have when planting your bedding plants for the summer. A great compact flowering annual available in a variety of colors. Few bedding plants match its hardiness and continuous flowering habit. Performs great planted in masses for your landscaping needs and individually for window sills during the cold winter months.

Growing Tips Light - Performs well in sun or part sun.
Water - Keep soil moist.
Flowering - Continuously blooms in a variety of beautiful colors.
Temperature - A very hardy and heat tolerant flower when planted outside. For inside planting, keep about room temperature (72oF).
Availability Normal shipping season is during Spring / early Summer.

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