NonStop Begonia
Common Name Begonia Tuberous (a.k.a. Nonstop begonia)
Scientific Name Begonia tuberhybrida
Plant Characteristics

Offers the consumer a beautiful way to diversify both the inside and outside decor at an affordable rate. The plant consists of large, showy single or double flowers on a sturdy plant. The flower is moderately dense with a round habit. A great plant for beds, unique containers, and pots of all sizes. A nice plant for the consumer who doesn't have a lot of time to deal with pests because it is usually not affected by pests.

Growing Tips Light - Performs best in partial shade. Not perform well in full sun or full shade.
Water - Keep soil moist.
Flowering - Stays in color for weeks. Remove single female flowers before seed forms to keep the plant blooming.
Temperature - Withstands summer heat fine outside and performs well at room temperature for inside.
Availability Normal shipping season is during Spring / early Summer.

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