Rieger Begonia
Common Name Begonia Hiemalis (a.k.a. Elatior begonia or Rieger begonia)
Scientific Name Begonia x hiemalis
Plant Characteristics

A cross between two different kinds of begonias yielding a winter flowering begonia with large, colorful flowers. Very popular among consumers because it flowers in the winter months. It is available in a vast array of colors and flower forms; from a single pink flower shade to a deep red semidouble flower. The foliage is also available in a variety of colors and shapes. A great flower to add beauty to your home during those bland winter months; as well as outside decor during warmer months.

Growing Tips Light - Bright light indoors. Partial shade outdoors.
Water - Keep soil moist and foliage dry, sensitive to both over/under watering. Very low feeders.
Flowering - Stays in color for weeks.
Temperature - Withstands summer heat fine, Optimum temps 70-75oF.
Availability Normal shipping season is during Spring / early Summer.

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