Calla Lily

Calla Lily
Common Name Calla Lily
Scientific Name Zanteddeschia
Plant Characteristics

A wedding favorite with its champagne glass look. Do not let its exotic appearance be intimidating. This flower works great in all different containers and throughout the exterior landscape. The flower is available in a variety of beautiful colors - traditional white or bright colors of red, pink, purple and yellow. The foliage is a lovely dark green available in various shapes. Do you have one of those difficult water logged gardens? No problem - this plant performs great in extremely wet environments. This plant offers the consumer year after year of enjoyment as it can be manipulated to reflower.

Growing Tips Light - Performs best in full sun to partial shade.
Water - Keep soil wet.
Flowering - In order for them to reflower, just dig up the tuber in the fall before the frost hits, allow to dry for a few days, knock off the excess dirt, store in a cool/dry place for the winter, and then replant in the spring. Most will flower 8-10 wks after planting, but some require 2 yrs of culture to produce their first flowers.
Temperature - Performs best with temperatures around 70-75oF Days and 55-60oF Nights.
Availability Normal shipping season is early winter through late spring.

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