Common Name Cyclamen
Scientific Name Cyclamen persicum
Plant Characteristics

Described by consumers as "...a really unique, eye catching flower!" The "eye-catching" look can be accredited to its thick, heart-like shaped foliage and the vast array of flower styles - from an eccentric fringed bloom to a large flower of recurved petals. The flower is available in a variety of colors: pink, rose, white, red, and purple. An easy growing option to add an "eye-catching" look to your household!

Growing Tips Light - Full indirect light, esp. during the winter. During summer, apply slight shade.
Water - Keep soil moderately moist. Do Not let them dry out. Do Not get the crown of the plant wet.
Flowering - Keep temperature cool to increase longevity of the blooms in season. Many consumers discard them after season, few attempt to reflower them. Requires detailed care and a dormancy period to reflower.
Temperature - Performs best in cool home temperatures, 58-68oF. Do Not place them in hot locations (ex: on T.V.).
Availability Normal shipping season is Winter through early Spring.

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