Lily-Oriental / Asiatic

Asiatic Lily
Common Name Lily Oriental (Stargazer) and Asiatic
Scientific Name Lilium hybrids
Plant Characteristics

These hybrids offer consumers diverse and colorful options to meet all their bulb gardening desires. Extremely versatile flowers; use them for focal points or even accents to indoor and outdoor decor. The stargazer has beautiful rose-pink blooms. The Asiatic has large flowers rich in color. The LA Hybrid, a relatively new hybrid, is a cross between the Easter lily and the Asiatic lily. It has the larger, trumpet like blooms of the Easter lily and the vibrant colors of the Asiatic lily. These are becoming extremely popular among the bulb gardening enthusiasts.

Growing Tips Light - Indirect light.
Water - Moderately moist soil.
Flowering - Generally manipulated to flower for Easter and Mother's Day sales. Replant them for years of enjoyment. Flowers last for weeks.
Temperature - Asiatics prefer 55-60oF Nights and <70oF Days. Orientals prefer 65-67oF Nights and 75oF Days.
Availability Normal shipping seasons are for Easter, Mother's Day, and early Summer.

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