Rose Bush

Rose Bush
Common Name Rose Bush
Scientific Name Rosa
Plant Characteristics

Universally the most popular gift; great for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. There is NO wrong time to gift a rose bush. The rose powerfully represents love, compassion, thoughtfulness, passion, and companionship. Show that person how much you care year after year as it reblooms. The rose works well in a variety of different settings and sizes. Enjoy it in the house, on the patio, and in the garden. It is available in a variety of colors and blooms all summer.

Growing Tips Light - Prefers full sun.
Water - Maintain moist soil.
Flowering - Flowers late spring through late fall. Following...cut back and replant for next year's enjoyment.
Temperature - Grows well at room temperature.
Availability Normal shipping season is Mother's Day.

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